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Wasted Time in Construction is Out of Control.

Writer James Pease asks the question,  Why Lean Construction? In this article he answers the question in detail for the Lean IPD blog   Construction Productivity in the United States has been declining for the last 50...

Lean Book Review by Thaís da C. L. Alves

Alves, T.C.L. (201?) Book Review: Lean Project Delivery – Building Championship Project Teams. Lean Construction Journal 2018 pp 88-91 (submitted 25Aug2018; Accepted 31Aug2018) Book Review: Lean Project Delivery – Building Championship...

“I have never seen more interest in lean construction and integrated project delivery than I have in the past year,”
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For many owners, the construction process is becoming more inefficient, not less….  The need for efficiency has caused many owners to focus on lean construction techniques, which have worked well in manufacturing, and integrated project delivery (IPD) agreements, in...